Where did all the toys go? 

SmushFace Goods is going through and redesigning/ reconfiguring the look and usability of our toys with the health of our makers in mind as well as the happiness of our customers and their humans. Thank you for the patience and support as we do so. The toys will return shortly. 

Do you ship outside the United States?

Currently we ship only within the United States, but hope to be able to expand that reach in the future.

Where else can I find SmushFace Goods products?

Check out our calendar page for a complete list of upcoming markets in the Chicago area. We can also be found at the Andersonville Galleria on the north side of Chicago, IL. as well as in several pet stores around the country.

How do I measure my cat for a collar?

Measure the circumference of your cat’s neck while adding enough space for two fingers to easily fit between the collar and the cat’s neck. The collar should be fitted, but not tight.

What exactly is catnip?

Per The Humane Society of the United States “Catnip is one of the approximate 250 species in the mint family and has a leafy green appearance. Nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip, can turn even the laziest couch potato into a crazy furball—if said furball happens to have inherited the sensitivity to its effects. The trait doesn't emerge until a cat is between three and six months old; until then, a kitten will not have a response. Catnip sensitivity is hereditary—an estimated 50 percent of cats have no reaction.”

Do you make toys without catnip?

We would be happy to work with you to create a special order for your pet without catnip included. Please reach out via our email at Smushfacegoods@gmail.com

How long does catnip potency last?

Catnip can lose potency over time. To make the most of your catnip filled toys, crunch up the areas with catnip in them for a good as new effect.